The third podcast : some all time classics, some news, some vibes...

Our third podcast made by the Heavenly Sweetness crew. A mix of classics ( our friend Doug Carn, check out our forthcoming reissue of his album "Al Rahman"), new tracks and spiritual vibes.
"Pass the information, extend the knowledge" Rick Holmes
Tracklisting :
1- Albert Ayler "Message from Albert" (Impulse) 2- The Rongetz Foundation "East" (Heavenly Sweetness) 3- Orchester Klaus Lenz " Zottos" (Amiga) 4- Archie Shepp "Blues for brother George Jackson" (Impulse) 5- John Klemmer "Free soul" (Cadet concept)   6- Doug Carn "Higher ground" (Black Jazz) 7- Dick Griffin " Now is the time" (Trident) 8- Starcrost "False Paradise" (Fable records/counterpoint)  9- Placebo "Aria" (CBS) 10- Tribe feat. Phil Ranelin, Marcus Belgrave & Wendell Harrison "Livin' in a new day" (Tribe)  11- Rick Holmes "Remember to remember" (Uno Melodic)

Thanks to: Djouls, Alexis, Da vince...


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bon ça va là où quoi, pures vibes ici.
merci pour le spirit


doctor donuts

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