the fourth podcast : a musical gift by DJ Philgood

sweet food melange

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For this new podcast, we are proud to introduce our friend DJ Philgood. And the best introduction is a mix, "a sweet food melange" of good music, jazz but not only. Enjoy!
Tracklisting :
1)Sun Ra "China gates" (Savoy) 2)Leon Thomas "The Creator has a masterplan" (Flying Dutchman) 3)Hal Singer "Libertarian" (Le Chant du Monde) 4)Randy Weston "Hi fly" (Polydor) 5)Danser's Inferno "Sombre guitar" (Lirs/Counterpoint) 6)Khaliq Al-Rouf "Malcolm, the call" (Nilva) 7)Babatunde Lea and Phenomena "Use your hands" (Theresa) 8)Alix Jacques "My angel's smile" (Mini) 9)Nina Simone "African mailman" (Bethlehem) 10)Leandre Franconny "Jean see you darling" (AMD) 11)Caribbean Sextet "Cé li moin vlé" (Mini)

Listen to Philgood's radio show  "Soul food", every saturday night on Frequence Jazz 

Thanks to : Parisdjs & djouls, Alexis and Philgood.

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