Heavenly Sweetness Podcast 1

A musical introduction to the label

Here we are,  the first Heavenly Sweetness podcast.
You can find in this mix some of our productions and some of our favorite tracks.
A nice introduction to our musical universe.
1- The John Betsch Society "Earth Blossom (Loving Heart collage by Carlos Nino featuring Build an Ark and Najite & the Agindotan Family Band)" Strata East/Heavenly Sweetness
2- Wadada Leo Smith "Love Supreme (For John Coltrane)" ECM
3- Doug Hammond "We People" Heavenly Sweetness
4- Stanley Cowell "Travelin' Man" Strata East
5- Marion Brown " Vista" Impulse
6- Trudy Pitts "A supreme Love" Scorp Leo ltd
7- Billy Gault "The time of this world is at hand" Steeplachase
8- Hal Singer "Malcom X" Disques futura et marges
9- Anne Wirz " Mother of the future" Heavenly Sweetness

thanks to Charly Turtlecuts and to you listener!

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